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Jungle Safari

There are so many ways to view Nepal and its intense diversity in climate and geography.One such adventure is a Jungle safari. Nepal has 9 National parks, 3 Wildlife reserves, 3 conservation area and 1 Hunting Reserve. Nepal boasts hundreds of species of butterfly, birds (including the colored impevan pheasants) and mammals (one horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, leopard, sloth bear wild elephant, gangetic dolphin). Exploring these unique environment brings you face to face with an incredible array of wildlife.


Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is most of the popular park and oldest National park in Nepal.which is established in 1973 first of Nepal,it is around 932 square kilometers. Chitwan national park is located within Terai in central of Nepal,is a safe haven for some of the most endangered species,such as the last breed of the beautiful Asiatic wild Buffaloes. This park is situated south-west of kathmandu,about a 25 minutes flight to Baratpur or 165 kilometers overland.Once inside you will experience one of the richest and most unique ecosystems encircling a variety of havitats such as Ox-bow lakes, food plains and thick jungle, tall grasslands,predominantly made up shores rebust or as its generally known as “sal”.Thus its could be said to be one of the richest Jungle safari destination spread over 932 square kilometers.


Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is the largest and unspoiled national park of Nepal. It lies in the southern plains of Nepal. Bardia is a different landscape than most tourists think of about Nepal. Bardia is a tropical paradise of unspoiled wilderness, rare wild animals, vast forests, and exotic Tharu community. The national park spreads over 968 square kilometers (374 sq mi). It is a home to 642 species of animals, 407 species of bird and 125 species of fish. The protected area has rare animals such as Bengal tigers, one-horned rhino, Gangetic dolphin, swamp deer, and wild elephant.



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