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Naturally, every human being wishes to live peacefully in perfect health and long life. The younger ones never wish to get old and the old always have strong desirous of becoming young and healthy. This is Universal Truth. There is a place in this universe where these marvelous qualities are offered to everyone. A Legendary Hidden Land-Sacred Sanctuary for the body and spirit always rejuvenate to every one of all age and gender. We left far behind to get into this sacred land. Since, Time and Tides wait for no man, lets contact right-now to explore the hidden land. In Nepal there is always something for everybody-tourists, trekkers, river-runners, wildlife-enthusiasts, poet artists, writers, scholars, spiritual seekers and many more. Nepal is becoming as the main destination and to take pride as an imperative and significant component of World Tourism. Naturally, man belongs to man and it is our duty to help each other. Hence, lets join our hands to share our needs in vice-versa.

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